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Visit the study abroad without limits page where you can access the SAWL forum and ask questions to local moderators about studying with a disability in another European Country. Ask about access, supports etc.

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Welcome to the LINK Network

What is LINK

LINK is a network of organisations, educational institutions, disability professionals, academics, students and interested individuals who all share the same ultimate goal, the full inclusion of students with disabilities in higher education. LINK works in the area of disability and higher education and was established in 2008. It is managed by 5 contracted partners, but has members from all over Europe & beyond. The Network was co-funded by the EU lifelong learning program between 2008 and 2011 but is now entirely self-funded by the managing partners.

What does it do?

The objective of the network is to share knowledge, best practice and experience with the aim of raising the quality of service for third level students with disabilities across Europe.

The network should then contribute towards a more uniform approach to the experience of students with disabilities participating in higher education across Europe.

We achieve our goals by bringing together professionals, students, academics and institution staff to create a unique synergy, sharing innovative ideas and practices via our discussion forum, our annual events and our shared library.

We also help students with disabilities looking to study in other countries by hosting the study abroad without limits forum, where students can pose questions on access, supports, fund etc. to local moderators and students with knowledge of the situation on the ground.

Who manages the network?

The network is co-ordinated by the Association for Higher Education Access and Disability (AHEAD, based in Ireland) and is currently made up of partner organisations from six EU countries, all of which share the objective of promoting full access to and participation in further and higher education for students with disabilities.

Find out more about our current partners

I think I could contribute and also benefit can I get involved?

The network is aiming to expand in the coming months and years, so if you would like to join and you feel your organisation fits the bill, simply click here to join. It’s absolutely free and holds no obligations.

What are the benefits for members?

  • Invitations to themed LINK conferences with high quality speakers from across Europe
  • Access to LINK products and conference materials
  • Access to the shared LINK Members Library
  • A chance to troubleshoot and discuss difficulties with other organisations by posting questions on the forum
  • Access to the knowledge, experience and materials of other LINK members

Is there a working language?

The working language of the network is English. This is to prevent large amounts of money being spent on translation and other costs associated with transnational meetings.

Is this website accessible?

Yes, this website has undertaken an in depth accessibility audit. We believe that having an accessible website doesn’t mean having a boring one. The website was developed in conjunction with the Centre for Inclusive Technology who went to great lengths to rewrite plugins in order to make them accessible. For more on this, see our Accessibility Statement.

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