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Visit the study abroad without limits page where you can access the SAWL forum and ask questions to local moderators about studying with a disability in another European Country. Ask about access, supports etc.

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Below you will find publications on the topic of reasonable adjustments. Be aware that these publications are from across Europe and something that applies in one country may not necessarily apply in another, particularly with regard to legislation and funding. Publications are in various European languages but the titles and descriptions below are in English, the working language of the network. If you think a particular non English document below would be very useful to lots of our members, you can vote for it to be translated into English by mailing This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the subject line format: Vote, (Insert Publication Title), (Insert Publication Source). Budget allowing, the managing partnership will translate a small number of the most voted documents into English, the working language of the network.

Title: Infoclip for study beginners

Language of Video: German with English Subtitles

Source: University of Vienna

Description: Students of University of Vienna talk about their difficulties and how the services provided by the University help them get over those difficulties

Click here to view "Infoclip for study beginners" with English subtitles

Title: Supporting Students with Dyslexia: Pracital Guidelines for Institutions of Further & Higher Education


Language of Text: English

Source: AHEAD

Description: The publication provides guidelines for academics and support staff working with dyslexic students in Ireland.

Download Supporting Students with Dyslexia: Practical Guidelines for Institutions of Further & Higher Education (pdf, 500kbs)

Title: Guide for Working with Disabled Students

Language of Text: Slovenian

Source: DSIS

Description: The publication talks about what lecturers can do to improve accessibility of their subjects and ensure good learning experience for various disabled students. It gives general tips on how to make reasonable adjustments for various students – Slovenia.

Download Guide for Working with Disabled Students (pdf, 1Mb)

Title: Adjustments for disabled people

Language of Text: English

Source: SKILL

Description: If you have an impairment or learning difficulties you may need certain facilities, assistive technology or support services as well as alternative exam or assessment arrangements to enable you to make the most of your studies. This information booklet provides suggestions on the adjustments you may need while studying in the UK.

Download Adjustments for disabled people (pdf, 318Kb)

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