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Visit the study abroad without limits page where you can access the SAWL forum and ask questions to local moderators about studying with a disability in another European Country. Ask about access, supports etc.

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Study Abroad without Limits (SAWL)

Are you interested in international mobility? Do you think it’s about time that students with a disability get equal opportunities in going abroad during their studies?  

Then this is the place to be!

Going abroad during your studies and having an international experience becomes increasingly more important. But all too often students with a disability are being neglected.

That’s why LINK (Learning Inclusively Network + Know-how) decided to do research on this topic. They asked two students to cooperate with them, to make portraits of students with disabilities who are going abroad in 2011-2012 or who already have an international experience.
Are you wondering what all the fuss is about? Then continue reading!

We hope your questions will be answered!

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