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Disability Discrimination Legislation

Below you will find publications on the topic of legislation, with particular focus of disability discrimination legislation. Be aware that these publications are from across Europe and something that applies in one country may not necessarily apply in another, particularly with regard to legislation and funding. Publications are in various European languages but the titles and descriptions below are in English, the working language of the network. If you think a particular non English document below would be very useful to lots of our members, you can vote for it to be translated into English by mailing This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the subject line format: Vote, (Insert Publication Title), (Insert Publication Source). Budget allowing, the managing partnership will translate a small number of the most voted documents into English, the working language of the network.

Title: “Equal Treatment of Students” – Sweden

Language of Text: English

Source: University of Gothenburg

Description: This PowerPoint presentation summarises the current Swedish Discrimination Act that relates to higher education, explains the central concepts as well as the role of staff responsibilities to act and avenues of support. Other essential Disability Discrimination legislation is mentioned.

Download “Equal Treatment of Students” – Sweden (ppt, 780Kb)

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