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Visit the study abroad without limits page where you can access the SAWL forum and ask questions to local moderators about studying with a disability in another European Country. Ask about access, supports etc.

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Below you will find publications on the topic of best practice in Inclusive Teaching and Learning. Be aware that these publications are from across Europe and something that applies in one country may not necessarily apply in another, particularly with regard to legislation and funding. Publications are in various European languages but the titles and descriptions below are in English, the working language of the network.

Title: (No) Limits on International Exchange? - International mobility and students with a disability

Language of Text: English



Description: This report looks at the experience of disabled people participating in international programmes, for example going on Erasmus programmes or undertaking an internship abroad. Through insight into these experiences, it aims to make information on international mobility more widely available, encourage more disabled people to pursue opportunities and to inform those involved in providing exchange experience on how to achieve improved access and inclusion of disabled students.

Click here to download "No Limits on International Exchange?"