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Visit the study abroad without limits page where you can access the SAWL forum and ask questions to local moderators about studying with a disability in another European Country. Ask about access, supports etc.

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Would you like to join us? LINK members will benefit contact with other professionals/students/institutions in the sector from all over Europe, access to the LINK and Study Abroad Without Limits forums, access to the Shared LINK Member Library and information on interesting news and events. By joining you also visibly show your support for the aims of the Network by having your name published as a member on our website.

What are the criteria to join?

To join you have to fill in a short signup form and confirm that you agree with the following set of values that everybody in the LINK Network holds:

- Inclusion makes sense.
- Difference is to be respected.
- Learning is to be shared.

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To complete your application, please follow these simple steps to join Link Network


It is currently absolutely free to join the network though there will sometimes be charges if you wish to attend LINK events, buy LINK products etc. By signing up you do not enter into any obligation to buy LINK products or attend our events, although of course we welcome it!

Who can Join Us?

Any person or organisation with an interest in the inclusion of students with disabilities in higher education can join including students, disability professionals, higher education institutions, disability organisations/networks etc.

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