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On this page, visitors can learn about upcoming LINK events as well as review past events. Each LINK seminar has a particular theme and an output on the theme is produced based on contributions from the speakers and audiences at the events, the collective knowledge of the network and research.

Upcoming Events:



UDL: It's Time to Talk About the 'Why'?, March 13th-14th, Dublin

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UDLL – A European perspective on UDL, June 28th-29th 2016, Ghent Belgium

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UDL: A License to Learn, March 19th & 20th 2015, Dublin Castle

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9th International Conference

Building Bridges - between yesterday and tomorrow

Venue/Date: Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm May 13-15, 2014

Organized by Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm University, Universell and the LINK network.

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8th International Conference

AHEAD/LINK Conference 2013, March 12-13 2013, Dublin - Is Universal Design in Education Any of My Business?

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7th LINK seminar: LINK International Conference

Location - University of Ghent, Belgium
When - Oct 4th 2012

Theme - Transition from higher education to work for students with disabilities

Approach - This event was organised by SIHO in collaboration with the LINK Network. The aim of the conference was to bring together students, policy makers, educators, employers and professional bodies from across Europe and beyond to share knowledge and experience. Speakers ranged from students sharing their stories and ideas, to professionals presenting the latest innovations and research and employers about best practices at work.

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Download Full Conference Participant List here

LINK Conference 2012: Presentation Download

6th LINK seminar: LINK International Conference

Location - University of Antwerp, Belgium
When - 5th and 6th July, 2011

Theme - "The Only Disability in Education is the Reluctance to Change: How Do You Make Change Happen?"

Approach - This event was organised by the LINK Network with support from the University of Antwerp. The aim of the conference was to bring together experts, professionals and students from across Europe and beyond to share knowledge and experience in the field of disability in higher education. Speakers ranged from students sharing their stories and ideas, to professionals presenting the latest innovations and research. Topics covered included:

- Influencing Policy Making
- Promoting Student Involvement and Empowerment
- Embedding Best Practices in Inclusive Teaching and Learning
- Improving the Transition to Higher Education
- Improving the Transition to Work
- Access to the Professions
- Increasing Participation in International Mobility and Exchange Programmes

Attendance - The participants of the seminars (180) were delegations from each LINK partner country, professionals from Ireland and abroad, representatives from Higher Education institutions and other interested parties.

Conference program here Link 6th International Conference Programme (pdf, 2Mb)

Presentations from the conference - Presentations Link 6th International Conference
Keynotes 'Inclusion of Students with Disabilities in Tertiary Education in Some OECD Countries’ Prof. Serge Ebersold, National Higher Institute for Training and Research on Special Needs Education (INSHEA, France) and OECD
‘The Swedish Digital Archive - Students' instant access to course literature in alternative formats’ Pia Hasselrot, TPB - The Swedish Library of Talking Books and Braille
‘Services for Students with disability at the University of Antwerp – trying to respond to exploding needs’, Prof. Jo Lebeer, Danny Boeykens, Annelore Ottoy, Sara Backx, Ruth De Pau, Nathalie Roels, Isabelle Vloeberghs, Anita Viaene, Antwerp University

- The participants at the conference (170) were from over 22 countries including 'Austria, Belgium, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Lithuania, Netherlands, Nigeria, Norway, Poland, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Uganda, UK, USA, Yemen 

The Dutch Seminar: Transition to work

Location:     The Hague
When:            12th October, 2010

Theme - The transition from Higher Education to the world of work for students (graduates) with a disability (article about the results of the seminar soon to be found in the LINK Library)

Approach - The seminar was a one day event with contributions from each delegation representing the LINK partner countries. The day started with a presentation of each country of the laws and regulations concerning the transition from HE to work. The presentations led to a brainstorm session/discussion on what the ideal legal context would look like. After that the delegations mixed and worked together on a number of case studies in which real life situations of (successful) transitions to work were discussed. This led to lively discussions and eye openers for those involved. In the final part of the conference students and employers discussed with each other expectations on the transition to work. The contrast between the expectations was evident and provided real eye openers for all participants.

Attendance -  The participants of the seminars were delegations from each LINK partner country. Where possible the country delegations consisted of students/graduates, employers and staff from centres of expertise. As a consequence, the opinions of very diverse groups were shared and that created some real learning for all involved. The output of the day was an article with tips and tricks for students, employers and centres of expertise on successful transition to work.

Dublin Seminar: Teaching & Learning

Location:     Ireland
When:          28th April, 2009

Theme - An overview of reflections on individual versus institutional mainstreaming approach, which culminated in a ‘Charter for Inclusive Teaching and Learning’

Approach - The conference was preceded by a day of workshops that involved a group of students with disabilities from across Europe to share their experiences, learning and opinions which would result in a presentation that would be part of the agenda the following day. The result was a dynamic presentation made by one of the students themselves. The other contributors to the conference were academic staff and policy makers. The contrast between the presentations was evident and provided some clear learning for all involved.

Attendance -  Attendance was good with representation from the Irish Higher Education Sector and also other countries in the EU. This meant that good practices from diverse audience were shared. The event also received attention from local and national press in Ireland. The event has been recorded and is currently in the Ahead website, but will be posted on the LINK website in the near future.

Picture of some of the People at the Dublin Seminar

Ljubljana Seminar: The Student Voice

Location:     Slovenia
When:         September 9th-10th, 2009

Theme - This conference endeavoured to capture the voice of students, and furthermore to enable a group to make a presentation at the conference. The aim of the presentation was to allow the students an opportunity to influence educational policy with the objective of increasing the numbers of students with disabilities participating in higher education.

Approach - Prior to the event there were a number of working consultations with academic staff, policy makers, students and graduates – both Irish and EU, to define what was best practice when seeking to include students with disabilities in third level education. The result was a ‘charter’ which was divided into a number of themes. These were first presented at the conference by an ‘expert’ and then openly discussed at a conference, and documented after to enable dissemination on a wider scale.

Attendance - Students from the 6 LINK countries were in attendance, and the event was also attended by students from Croatia and Palestine.  The conference was attended by all LINK partners and academic staff and policy makers from Slovenia, and Palestine.  The student presentation has been recorded and it is hoped that it will be posted on the LINK website in the near future.

Image of People at the dublin Confernece - Photographs by Elisabeth Ida
Photographs by Elisabeth Ida

Manchester Seminar: Reasonable Adjustments

Location:     UK
When:         November 30th - December 1st, 2009

Theme - A focus on international standards on reasonable adjustments on both the national and international level.

Approach - The LINK partners were the contributors to a concentrated ‘round table’ discussion on what was a reasonable adjustment and the impact it has for student with disabilities participating in higher education.

Attendance - Attendance was good with representation from all LINK partners and UK professionals. This ensured that a lively debate as each LINK partner was able to present good practices and innovations from their country. The output is the results of a brainstorming exercise that will be disseminated via the LINK website.
‘The contribution of the Social Dimension of Higher Education to make change Happen’, Ms. Lene Oftedal, Policy Officer, European Commission